Government Resource Planning (GRP)

Destined government sector, focusing on public administration generally.

Integral Gov is an innovative technological solution designed to government sector and focus on the public administration in general. It is a scalable, highly secure web environment:

It has a knowledge base upon which performs the implementation of the entity.

Supports high information and transaction levels. Mission-critical system.

Performs full control of resources by tracking module goals and objectives.

Increases productivity of the functions of the entity or agency eliminating duplication of tasks.

It integrates all applications operating centers and their interaction with level access for security permissions.

Set tasks to each area according to objectives and goals (Business Process Reengineering).

Generates end-user analytical reports for decision-making (Business Intelligence and Workflow).

Supports popular mobile devices, peripherals and accessories for security management and data integration, such as: fingerprint, card reader, optical drive and more.

Exit programs as Excel, Adobe, Notepad and more.

Sistem Modules

For more information, download the PDF or, access to demonstration online and in real time.

Public Security

DICAP is an integral solution that supports states and townships to comply with the category of the professional management of public security forces. DICAP manage the elements records, the recruitments for the town or state, management is performed for the selection and initial training with assessments, training, promotions, incentives and penalties until the end of his career.

For detailed information about DICAP, please clic here.

Access to demonstration online and in real time.

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