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Record time in the development of control system parts for TOYOTA dealers.


In 2005 Toyota de Mexico was working with 20 distributors nationally, with high control problem throughout the distribution process of its associated parts, stretching from the sending, receiving, transition, storage and inventory control.


In June 2005 starts a project with a software development company on Web platform to systematize control parts. This project failure in July 2006 for not even covered 40% of the requirements, as this system had to be in production in January 2007, date on which would be running 60 distributors throughout the republic.



Objectsoft, with WES systems generator, take the challenge and committed to have it ready for that date, only with the commitment that Toyota will provide sufficient time for defining users and system testing.

In December 2006 the installation begins pilot Parts Control System with five distributors in Mexico, considering three important objectives:



1. - For the system, use of the same by the distributors involved 100% in a week and a connection to the corporate for the delivery of information from the time of starting.


2. - It also defines a quantitative target of 15% savings in the cost control parts to be evaluated at the end of the month.


3.- High levels of customer satisfaction.

In the first week of using the system, dealers already knew handle it  and the corporate obtained its information correctly, from here, the corporate was given the task of requesting more reports to exploit the information was obtained.


At the end of the month there is an assessment of savings in parts cost control and customer satisfaction in the services required to dealers and the results showed that the parts saving represent 20% better than estimated.


This way, Toyota in the month of January incorporate the system to the 80 dealers nationwide. Obtaining better results than expected.

Implementation on insurmountable time Government Financial System.


In 2007, budgetary control operations were performed through a package developed by a software company, this system allowed only movement record budget. In the accounting area everything was registered with a commercial package especially for private companies.

Likewise, it had to make the dispersion of the main function CONAVI subsidies and needed a system that would allow him to have a communication line with the Budget and Accounting.


The problems they faced were, having to reconcile month-to-month budget and accounting movements manually. Get daily information for decision-making, much workload by having single record systems. All that worked in budgets had to be created in their respective accounting policies besides having to prepare all reports manually.


With the aim that in 2008 give efficient results, CONAVI starts searching for a system that will solve their problems in the short term and allow him to take up the budget and accounting.


In December 2007 the installation starts Objectsoft Financial System, developed with WES, in all modules, affectations, accounting, treasury, draft. For April 2008 runs the charge of catalogs, original budget, and the movements generated in the course of the year. They begin to capture movements since January 2008 and each and every one of those generated in the subsequent months, in October 2008 already have the system running with all the information for 2008 and updated to October.


From then on, everything is up to date and in February 2009, takes place the account report publish with the 2008 data loaded into the system. Internal Audit congratulates CONAVI for the financial system and for having met the goals set by the organization.


Provide CONAVI a Government Financial System that help to optimize the budget and accounting processes, allow the league in line with the system of Subsidies and could do it in record time to boot in parallel with the Subsidies system that was developed.

Implementation and management system production of advertising campaigns, Journal extraction and ATM´s Management.


Implementation and management system production of advertising campaigns, extraction of Management Journal and ATMs.

This accounted for Banorte could only make updates twice a year to cover its 6,000 ATMs.  Each modification to the software had to be planned, as to send advertising could only use to make changes and this could not segmented by geographic area, or by type of customer, or could have special features ATM group, as this was to be very careful when installing the master disk and time delay when performing a roll out.

Also when the cashier had an error could only reset the cashier perform in person.

Similarly, it had a software to extrac transactional movements that was obsolete. Not provides the ability to query a timely manner movements, having long wait times in the query of transactional pages.


In 2008 starts setup Atmosphere system which provides the necessary agents to fulfill the challenge, that's how it is installed, EJA (Electronic Journal Agent)  software strips audit, MMA (Marketing Management Agent) software handles the creation and campaign management, AVRIL  (Automatic Version & Resource Installer & Loader Agent) manager shipping on software and distribution  campaings, TOOL´S (ATM´s management).

Recently the efficiency of this software was tested in a threat to ATM´s and Banorte solved in just three days, while other banks took them over six months.


Provide to Banorte  a system that allows to send mass or specific group: software, updates, management, advertising , such that it could be more efficient to perform these tasks as well as reduce costs.

Consultancy and advice for federal programs.

40 systems developed for government agencies insurmountable time and cost.


In November 2011 "Rapidez y Resultados", dedicated to the management and consulting aimed at Federal Programs, 40 foresees the need for government systems for the budget of 2013.



Thanks to the use of WES, 40 systems were built in a period of six months, these being the backbone of federal programs that benefit the community 2013 Mexican National. Making further honor to the name of the consulting firm "Rapidez y Resultados".

40 Systems Development in the period between November 2011 - May 2012, and to be submitted, for promotion, according to the Rules of Operation of the government in 2012, to enter into the 2013 budget.

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